Wishlist Wednesday!

We are back for another edition of...
We are going to keep this up for a while! Ffion did not really know how linkys work, but she *thinks* she has it now. :)
Ffion's Wishlist:
My TPT Item:
 This little number is from Maria Manore from Kinder-Craze. LOVE her stuff. This pack goes along with a Dr. Jean song. (Color Farm) I have been looking for a new way to do colors for the first few weeks of school and this is perfect and interactive. 
 My Classroom Item:
 At my school we do Kinder Camp for the first week, where all the kiddos move classes each day to get the classes leveled. These would be perfect to have for the kids to have how they get home and their lunch number written on! 
My "I want" item:
I went to the mall the other week with my sister and she spotted this at the Coach store...
It is the perfect little crossbody bag. It is quilted leather, which I love, and makes me feel like I may have a Chanel. :)

Morgan's Wishlist:
My TPT Item:

I think this idea is a neat way to get my littles using reading strategies in a fun and interactive way! 
 My Classroom Item:
This rug from Lakeshore is on my Donors Choose right now and I am hoping it will be fully funded before school starts! I am so over putting down stickers with numbers for places on the carpet. This would make life a little easier!

My "I want" item: 
More of the following...
I really am in full on denial that I will be going back in less than two weeks. I've enjoyed this break a little too much!

Link up below and tell us what you are wishing for!