Northern Trust Open & AT&T Pebble Beach

Photo taken by my artistic husband!

Greetings TWT readers! I apologize for the delay in this post but after a rough week off the course in Scottsdale, and then a sick kiddo and myself in Pebble Beach, I was not feeling up to being grammatically correct until now.
We had a wonderful week at Pebble Beach and the Top – 10 finish was icing on the cake. Since I wrote such a long blog for Pebble last year, I will add one restaurant suggestion this year and a few pictures and then continue on to this week – The Northern Trust Open. So lucky you – a two for one deal!
Great view from MPCC club house.
Pebble Beach.
Although I am only giving one suggestion for the Monterey area this year, it happens to be my favorite place to dine in the entire area. This may not make the locals too happy since the place I am sharing seems to be a “locals only” spot, but I can’t resist! And keeping my readers full and satisfied trumps keeping the locals happy!
Bistro Moulin is a quaint French restaurant that is very French in all aspects. The food is amazing, especially the spinach gnocchi – one of my favorite dishes anywhere. We were lucky the night we went because they also had a truffle gnocchi we were able to try, as well. Although the two were quite different in taste, both were spectacular.
Jimmy had the Hanger steak and his comment was, “If you know anything about steak, you will be really impressed any time a restaurant has Hanger steak on the menu.” (For those who don’t know their steaks, Hanger Steak is also known as the Butcher’s cut because it is the most tasty and tender piece of the cow, so the butchers traditionally kept the cut for themselves.)
And when I say Bistro Moulin is French in all aspects, that means expect slow service, although slow service does not mean bad service. The restaurant is tiny with very few employees so if you intend to dine there go with the mindset of taking your time and enjoying the whole experience.
I strongly recommend making reservations in advance because walking in and them having an open table does not happen. Jimmy and I stumbled upon this spot on 2008 by pure luck at 5pm on an off-night. They told us if we could be out by 5:45 we were welcome to eat. They were in no way shape or form being rude; they were completely booked for the rest of the evening, which seems to be the norm for the place.
So I leave the Pebble Beach section of this post with the single recommendation, but a terrific one it is!
Pebble Beach. A practice round ... I promise! :)

49'ers Coach Jim Harbaugh and me - I'm a big fan!

Northern Trust Open – Riviera Country Club.
As I have said before, the West Coast Swing is always a highlight of our year and especially our week at Riviera. I may have said this last year, but whenever anyone asks Jimmy what his favorite course to play his answer is always Riviera. He claims that if he could only play one course, every day for the rest of his life, this course would be it. (And yes, he has played Augusta before!)
On one side of S. 26th Street and San Vicente is the back of Riviera Country club and on the other side of the intersection is the Brentwood Country Mart. The Country Mart is a trendy dining and shopping experience with a mix of jewelry stores, boutiques and eateries. The fun thing about Country Mart is that every spot is local and unique. And this is a celebrity hot spot so keep a look out because you never know who might be there!
For a pleasant and casual, outdoor dining experience, try Reddi Chick. For a girl that now resides in Texas, I was pleasantly surprised with this spot. I believe when they say “the best rotisserie chicken and fries in LA”. The BBQ sauce was tangy, and the chicken was moist and delicious.
Opened by California restaurateur heavy hitters Jeff Cerciello and Micahel Darmon, Farmshop is a wonderful combination of sublime eatery and fresh market. With a fresh California inspired menu that features the best fresh ingredients the State has to offer, Farmshop won’t disappoint you. It’s the perfect stop for breakfast before heading to the golf course to watch one of the best fields all year!
If you would rather shop than watch golf, be sure to step in to any number of the Brentwood Country Mart’s fantastic boutique. From adorable children’s shops to eclectic jewelry stores, the Mart has a little (or a lot!) something for every one of any age.
I hope I have given you a few great suggestions for both of these amazing locations. Feedback is always appreciated, if any of my readers happen to visit my suggested spots. I also enjoy heading what my reader’s favorite spots may be that I haven’t already covered.
Be sure to check back later in the week or visit my Twitter account @Tourwifetravels for pictures from our week in the LA area!